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Welcome to the...

   Celtic Heroes Wiki!

Please see beginners guide before investing a significant amount of time or money into this game. Especially read the section cost so you understand what you are getting in to.

Other games that would be much less expensive in the long run compared to celtic heroes:

0. Horn

1. Avabel

2. Order and Chaos

3. Iruna

4. Elemental Knights

5. Arcane Legends

6. Black inferno

7. World of Midgard

8. IZANAGI (japanese app store)


My name is mdimarco and I will be your host ;).

All the pages are on the left hand side

So it looks like bots started posting stuff lol. So I implemented the editing password.

It is the word edit. You will have to type it in to edit, then again to save it.

If a page says password required, then it is empty; just use the editing password
also when linking to a page in a different area include the area, then /, then the page. So to link to classes from NPC page link like this: classes

Keep up the good work posting!

Artwork by Paulo Zerbato and Xell

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